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Tips For A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

13 September 2021

Content Marketing Strategy

What is it?

It’s a plan for establishing an audience by publishing, maintaining, and spreading frequent and consistent content that educates, entertains, or inspires to turn strangers into fans and fans into customers. More or less a fancy phrase for the information you are putting out to your potential customers or audience. Which includes anything from blogs, videos, website text, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and lots more.

Why do you need one?

  • enables consistency across your marketing
  • less overwhelming
  • more productive
  • easier to get buy-in from stakeholders.
  • easier to chart your success & results

Tips to Improve Content Strategy

1.Identify your target audience – who are your fans what age, male or female, what interests do they have? What do they search for online?

2. Ensure your content has a clear & measurable business goal – are you putting out content to improve brand awareness? To sell goods?  You need to know your end goal.

3. Understand your buyer’s journey – Know the steps your customers take.

For example

Furniture company – A sofa

-Open a marketing email promoting sofas at 9.00am at work.

-Look at it again at lunchtime.

-Go home to discuss the purchase with their partner or person they live with at 5.00pm and  measure space to see will the sofa fit.

– Have dinner settle for the night and then purchase after sofa that night.

Unfortunately, it does not always happen like this but you get the idea.

4. Ensure your brand voice remains steady across channels- keep your graphics, style, and tone consistent.

5. Mix Up Your Content- don‘t post the same style posts or blogs over and over again your audience will get bored.

6. Get Inspired by Influencers- Online influencers are brilliant at engagement and trying different channels. Look to get ideas from them and also consider using one to work with making sure their values match with your brand.

For example: if you are a health food company, don’t use someone who is not living a healthy lifestyle.

7. Have Some Fun- show the personality of your business – if you have a clothes retail business why not run a Facebook live from the store or do some try ons to show off your clothes?

8. Use Video more

Engagement on video is usually much higher than text posts.

People scroll newsfeeds faster on mobile compared to desktop (1.7 seconds vs. 2.5 seconds) stand out on that feed with a good eye-catching video.

*A video needs to start with a quick motion and action to draw people in.

9. Experiment More with Formats – don’t be afraid to use Facebook Live or Instagram reels to change things up, stay current, and read up on the latest updates and new technologies.


I hope these short tips help you get on your way to a successful content strategy.

Get in touch if you have questions or comment below. barbara@letsgetdigitalmarketing.com

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