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6 Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

20 January 2020

New Year's Resolutions

6 Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2022


1. Organise your data.

I think we all promise ourselves every year that this is the year we will get organised at home, in the office, with our time, accounts, etc. Let’s incorporate this goal of organisation into your online marketing plan.

Start simple — keep track of your basic website information. Make notes on your page views, new users, conversion rate and where your traffic is coming from daily.

Keeping a close eye on this data will make you aware of what is working and will steer you in the right direction in your digital marketing strategy.  Making this part of your daily ritual similar to checking your emails every day will increase awareness, profitability, and increase return on investment. There is no better way to kick off the new year than by starting out organised.

2. Target The Correct Audience On Social Media Platforms

Most businesses use social media to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and boost conversion with little cost compared to other marketing methods. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms provide businesses with a great opportunity to reach very large audiences. If you cast your net too wide without defining your target audience, you could a waste of time, money and your marketing campaign may come up empty.

My advice would be to study your analytics. You can narrow down your target audience to those most likely to convert based on location, online habits, interests, demographics and much more. Put your time, energy, and money into connecting with a specific segment of customers who will most likely benefit from your products or services.

3. Increase engagement.

One of the major parts of digital marketing is building a loyal social media following and engaging with the audience. Did you slack off on your audience engagement last year? If so, this is the perfect time to refresh your media marketing strategy.

If you are short on time to engage with your audience, consider ways you can save time. Apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, Loomly and many more can help you schedule your social media posts in advance. Instead of spending all of your time working on creating and sharing content and status, you can focus on engaging with your audience.

Customer engagement is so important that it’s being called “the new marketing. The data shows that when you engage with customers, they are more likely to tell their friends about the experience they had when they shopped with you. In other words, don’t underestimate this very important element of your online marketing team.

4. Increase video content

More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. Live Internet video will account for 17 percent of Internet video traffic by 2022.

Consumers love video content because it is engaging, easy to consume, and is entertaining. Videos get 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. It has proven to help increase conversion rates, engagement rates, and more. Marketers love it because it might give a large return on investment(ROI) and can be shared easily on many channels.

While there is certainly a trend towards higher quality video on a professional level, anyone can hop onto their phone or laptop and create their own video in under an hour. So why not try it today?

5. Work every week on your Search Engine Optimisation.

Often described as a marathon, not a sprint, SEO can be overwhelming for any number of reasons. Between on-page and off-page factors, local considerations, and seeding the right content in the right places, site speed, user experience and much more. It’s tough to know where to begin. It is important to factor in time each week to tackle the different areas of SEO and to work on improving your rankings regularly. Perhaps bringing in outside help to perform an audit and give recommendations would be a good start.

6. Stop trying to do everything yourself.

If you feel overwhelmed by your digital marketing strategy, identify areas you find challenging or don’t have the skill set, then outsource them to the experts. You don’t have to do everything yourself and sometimes by taking on all elements of your strategy, you are wasting valuable time, money & resources.

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